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  • To establish an “Environment Management System” to recognize a reduction in our global environmental footprint as the principle of our business activities and to act upon it.
  • To comply with all environmental related legislation and other requirements that this company has agreed to.
  • To make active use of wood thinned from forests (a process necessary for the health of man-made forests), as well as remnants generated from the sawing process.
  • To strive to develop products, taking into account their life cycle and seeking to minimize their environmental impact.
  • To continuously improve the “Environmental Management System.”
  • To support the activities of the environmental fund as a corporate member of the GREEN MARKETING ASSOCIATION.
  • To require that all executives and employees thoroughly understand these environmental policies and think and act accordingly.


Japan is a world-class forest nation.
About 70% of its territory is forested.
If left alone, however, a forest easily grows too thick for each individual tree to get enough nutrients. As a result, the forest as a whole is unable to remain in a healthy condition, which means that the thinning of thick forests is necessary to keep them healthy and strong. Domestically produced disposable chopsticks are made of wood generated from thinning these forests and thus make full and efficient use of wood resources. DAIWA BUSSAN has been striving to activate this kind of production cycle and already makes effective use of wood thinned from domestic forests in order to facilitate their healthier growth.

Under the Kyoto Protocol, a treaty to combat global warming, Japan pledged to reduce its carbon-dioxide (CO2) emission by 6% from 1990 levels by 2012. Out of this 6%, 3.9% is supposed to be reduced by increasing CO2 sink in Japan’s domestic forests. For this reason, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries launched a national “Use Wood Campaign” in 2005. The aim of the campaign was to revitalize mountain villages through the active use of domestically produced wood and thus facilitate the maintenance of healthy forests capable of absorbing carbon emissions more effectively. The “3.9 GREENSTYLE Mark” is a symbol for the “Use Wood Campaign,” which aims to increase the ratio of domestic material used in manufacturing to 3.9% target (“san-kyu” in Japanese), while at the same time expressing thanks (“thank you” is also pronounced “san-kyu” in Japanese). This campaign has been conducted for the purpose of bringing products made from domestic wood closer to the people for the enhancement of their lives. (Let’s reduce CO2 emissions by using domestic wood materials) DAIWA BUSSAN supports this initiative and will continue to make every effort to manufacture products using homegrown materials.