Building on the culture of chopsticks, 
new ideas for our food culture and daily life.

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Building on a traditional culture of using chopsticks, we are coming up with new ideas for the ever-changing life and culture of the Japanese.

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Environmental Initiatives

Ecological and environmental initiatives

There is a widespread misperception that disposable chopsticks have to be a waste of natural resources to the detriment of the global environment. DAIWA BUSSAN, however, makes efficient use of scrap wood, wood routinely thinned from forests, or other wood left unused in domestic production. DAIWA BUSSAN is also active in the manufacture of environmentally friendly products using materials such as sugarcane pulp, kenaf, etc.

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Domestically produced chopsticks and the Use Wood Campaign.Read more

The “3.9 GREENSTYLE Mark” is a symbol for the “Use Wood Campaign” that aims to increase the ratio of domestic material used in manufacturing to 3.9% (san-kyu) target, while at the same time expressing thanks (“thank you” is also pronounced “san-kyu” in Japanese). This campaign has been conducted for the purpose of bringing products made from domestic wood closer to the people for the enhancement of their lives. DAIWA BUSSAN supports this initiative and will continue to make every effort to use domestic materials in the manufacture of its products.

Domestically produced chopsticks and the Use Wood Campaign.Read more